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Cannonball Calculator

A simple tool to check current profit from smithing Cannonballs.

Blast Furnace Calculator

Calculate your Smithing xp rates, gp per hour, profit and more!

Sorceress's Garden Calculator

Calculate your Thieving xp rates, Sq'irk juices, Rocky per chance and more!

Ardy Knight Calculator

Calculate your Thieving xp rates, gp per hour, Rocky per chance and more!

Pyramid Plunder Calculator

Calculate your chance of receiving the prized Pharaoh's Sceptre.

Wintertodt Calculator

Calculate Firemaking xp gains, loot, rewards, profit, Phoenix pet chance and more!

Tithe Farm Calculator

Calculate Farming xp gains, time taken for Farmer's Outfit, points per hour and more!

Guardians of the Rift Calculator

Calculate Runecrafting xp rates, GotR rewards, profit, gp per hr, pet chance and more!

DPS CalculatorBETA

Calculate damage-per-second, accuracy, max hit and more, based on different gear setups and stats.

Shooting Stars Tracker

An easy, mobile-friendly way to track active Shooting Stars/Fallen Stars.

Giants Foundry Calculator

Calculate Smithing xp rates, bars required, profit, gp per hour, rep gains, time taken and more!

Master Farmer Calculator

Calculate Thieving xp rates, Ranarrs per hour, loot, profit, gp per hour, time taken and more!

ZMI Runecrafting Calculator

Includes Pure and Daeyalt essence calculations, xp rates, runes received, profit, gp per hour, time taken and more!

Blast Mine Calculator

Calculate loot, profit, xp rates, gp per hour, time taken and more!

Zalcano Calculator

Calculate loot, profit, gp per hour, banked xp, rewards, Smolcano pet chance and more!

Mage Training Arena Calculator

Calculate how many runes are needed, cost, xp rates, profit, pizzaz points, gp per hour and more!

Tokkul Calculator

Calculate how many runes you need to buy an uncut onyx and other rewards using Tokkul (includes cost and profit).

Giant Seaweed Calculator

Giant Seaweed/Superglass Make calculator for Crafting xp gains - calculate how many spores/seaweed/buckets of sand you need or how much Crafting xp you have banked.

Tempoross Calculator

Calculate xp gains, loot, rewards, profit, time taken and more from the Fishing skill boss, Tempoross. (gl on pet)

Quest Calculator

Calculate, plan and track which quests you can complete/boost. Includes additional support for Ironman mode.

Motherlode Mine Calculator

Calculate Mining xp gains, Golden nuggets, loot, gp per hour and more! (Pay-dirt alert!)

Hallowed Sepulchre Calculator

Calculate xp gains, Hallowed marks, loot/rewards, pet chance and more!

Mahogany Homes Calculator

Calculate Construction xp gain, GP/XP, Carpenter points, rewards and more!

Barbarian Assault Calculator

Calculate honour points, time taken to obtain rewards, gamble loot, Penance Queen pet chance and more!

Gear Randomizer

A fun tool to generate randomized gear setups based on set options. Possible uses include generating setups for PK/PVM challenges, videos, streams, and more.

Miscellenia Kingdom Simulator

A web app for "Managing Miscellenia" - run simulations and calculations on different Kingdom setups and view possible rewards, loot and profit.

Slayer Task Calculator

Enter your current slayer task and calculate your loot, profit, slayer xp gain and pet chance from slayer monsters!

Hespori Calculator

Calculates combat xp, farming xp, expected loot, tangleroot pet chance and time taken from the Hespori boss.

Herbiboar Calculator

Calculates hunter xp, herblore xp, expected loot, herbi pet chance and more!

Birdhouse Calculator

Input your desired quantities and types of birdhouses and calculate expected loot, profit, xp gains, time taken and more!

Skill Calculators

Agility Calculator

Construction Calculator

Cooking Calculator

Crafting Calculator