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Barbarian Assault Calculator

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Calculator information:

In this calculator, one 'round' starts at Wave 1 and ends after defeating the Penance Queen in Wave 10.

Estimated rounds and estimated time taken may vary sometimes depending on team deaths, disconnections, etc.

Barbarian Assault gamble rewards shown in this calculator should be used as reference only. Actual rewards you receive may vary slightly based on RNG and luck.

The chance to receive the Pet Penance Queen is 1/1000 per high-level gamble. This is used to calculate a cumulative percentage chance based on the number of Barbarian Assault high-level gambles entered.

Completion of the Hard Kandarin Diary will reward 10% more honour points in Barbarian Assault.

Honour points required for each type of gamble: Low - 200, Medium: 400, High - 500.

Prices of Barbarian Assault rewards/items used in this calculator are updated on a daily basis.