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Mahogany Homes Calculator

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Calculator information:

Calculations based on Target will automatically be performed on your highest-tier Mahogany Homes contract (according to your Construction level).

Carpenter points received per Mahogany Homes contract tier: Beginner - 2, Novice - 3, Adept - 4, Expert - 5.

Construction level required for each Mahogany Homes contract tier: Beginner - 1, Novice - 20, Adept - 50, Expert - 70.

Type of plank required for each Mahogany Homes contract tier: Beginner - Regular Planks, Novice - Oak Planks, Adept - Teak Planks, Expert - Mahogany Planks.

This calculator assumes you are either using teleport runes (without NPC Contact) or teleport tablets (with NPC Contact).

Carpenter's outfit XP bonus does not apply to XP received on contract completion. Within Mahogany Homes, the XP bonus only applies to building and repairing during a contract.

Prices of Mahogany Homes supplies and Supply Crate loot are updated on a daily basis.