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Herbiboar Calculator

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Calculator information:

How to use:

1. Enter your Hunter and Herblore levels or xp (alternatively: automatically fetch your data from the OSRS Hiscores)

2. Select the gear and items which you use while hunting herbiboars

3. Choose the mode: 'Target' or 'Number'

4. Press Continue to calculate your herbiboar data


80 Hunter and 31 Herblore is required for hunting herbiboars. Due to complexity, this calculator does not account for lower levels using skill boosts.

The gear and items you select is used to calculate number of herbs and number of herbiboars caught per hour.

Average number of herbs per herbiboar is 3 with magic secateurs and 2 without magic secateurs.

Herb xp banked from the calculated herbiboar data includes herb cleaning xp and the xp from making the most commonly created potion (shown in breakdown) for that herb.

Herbiboar calculated gp/hour does not include external costs (e.g. stamina/energy potions).

Herbi pet chance is 1/6500 per herbiboar caught; this is used to calculate a cumulative percentage chance based on the number of herbiboars caught.