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Birdhouse Calculator

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Calculator information:

How to use:

1. Select your birdhouse types (note: you can select multiple types of birdhouses at once)

2. Enter the number of each type of birdhouse you have selected

3. Press "Generate Expected Loot" to generate your data


Press the "Generate Data" button a few times to get a better idea of the range of average loot from birdhouses.

Average number of bird nests received per birdhouse: Regular (0.5), Oak (0.75), Willow (1), Teak (1.25), Maple (1.5), Mahogany (1.75), Yew (2), Magic (2.25), Redwood (2.5).

Time taken shows the number of days (rounded up) to completely harvest the inputted number of birdhouses based on how many birdhouse runs you complete per day (Low/Medium/High Efficiency).

Time taken is calculated on the information that 4 birdhouses are harvested each birdhouse run