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Motherlode Mine Calculator

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Calculator information:

Motherlode Mine pay-dirt mining success rates information is based on this tweet by @JagexAsh.

The 'Default' pickaxe option automatically switches to your highest-tier pickaxe during the calculations. For example if you are calculating from 32 Mining to 44 Mining, it will calculate 32-41 Mining using an Adamant Pickaxe and 41-44 Mining using a Rune Pickaxe.

This calculator assumes the player is mining at regular efficiency without excessive AFKing. XP rates in this calculator aim to be inline with the suggested XP rates found on the wiki.

Amulet of Glory increases the gem chance from approximately 1/256 (without Glory) to 1/86 (with Glory).

Completion of the Falador Elite Diary increases the rate of high-level ores (especially Adamantite and Runite ores) received from the Motherlode Mine.

Press the final 'Continue' button several times to get a better idea of the average range of loot/data from the Motherlode Mine calculations.

Motherlode Mine ore and gem prices used in this calculator are updated on a daily basis.