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Wintertodt Calculator

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Calculator information:

Wintertodt supply crate loot probabilities are sourced from the Wiki.

Xp rates used in this calculator aim to be in line with suggested xp rates on the Wiki.

Press the "Calculate" button multiple times to re-roll loot and get a better idea of average loot distributions from Wintertodt.

Atleast level 50 Firemaking is required for Wintertodt.

"Time per round" input field only includes the time spent subduing Wintertodt. The calculator adds an average of 1 minute buffer time between rounds.

Phoenix pet chance is 1/5000 per loot roll; this is used to calculate a cumulative percentage chance based on the total number of loot rolls.

Once three Bruma Torches have been rolled in the calculator, torstol seeds will be added when further torches are rolled.

Once three Warm Gloves have been rolled in the calculator, magic seeds will be added when further warm gloves are rolled.

Wintertodt prices used in this calculator are updated on a daily basis.