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ZMI Runecrafting Calculator

(also includes Daeyalt essence calculations and GoTR updates)
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Calculator information:

ZMI rune distribution information is based on this tweet by @JagexAsh.

Pouch options are only activated once the respective Runecrafting level is reached. For example, calculating from 50 Runecrating to 80 Runecrafting with the Giant essence pouch option checked means this calculator would calculate 50-75 Runecrafting without the Giant pouch and 75-80 Runecrafting with the Giant pouch activated.

This calculator assumes the player is playing at regular efficiency and has access to the Ourania Altar and NPC Contact Lunar spells.

Completion of the Ardougne medium diary provides a chance for receiving bonus runes (without additional xp).

Raiments of the Eye outfit provides 60% bonus runes (without additional xp).

Essence per hour, Runecrafting xp per essence and bonus rune chance information is sourced from the Wiki.

Daeyalt essence calculations do not factor in the time taken to mine/obtain the essence.

Profit and gp per hour calculations include cost of supplies (i.e. pure essence, stamina potions and astral runes).

ZMI Runecrafting xp rates in this calculator aim to be in line with suggested xp rates on the Wiki.

ZMI Runecrafting prices used in this calculator are updated on a daily basis.