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Quest Calculator

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Calculator information:
How to use:

Fetch your stats (or input manually) and click on 'Calculate Quests'.

Hover over each quest to see the requirements you meet, boostable requirements, and unmet requirements.

You can mark which quests you have completed for easy tracking and planning.

Other information:

Hover tooltip key:

: This quest can be completed

: This quest is marked as completed

: This quest can be boosted

: This quest can be boosted and is marked as completed

: This quest can not be completed

User stats and quests completed are saved in the browser's local storage. When you return to the page from the same browser your previous data will auto-load.

Marking a quest as completed also marks all its required quests as completed.

Un-checking a quest also un-checks all its higher-level dependent quests.

Quest skill boosts information is taken from the OSRS Wiki. Note that for some quests, skill boost information is not available on the Wiki.

Skill boost requirements calculated here do NOT include the +5 Spicy Stew boost due to its rarity.

A quest can be completed if the user meets the stat requirements for that quest and ALL of its subquests/requisite quests.

A quest can be boosted if any of the stat requirements is able to be boosted, or any of the subquests/requisite quests is able to be boosted.