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Construction Calculator

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Calculator information:

This calculator presents calculations against the Wiki's list of popular Construction training methods. This allows you to calculate, compare and contrast the most popular methods more easily.

Cost of Materials table column represents the total price of materials based on the Grand Exchange guide price.

Servant Cost table column represents the total wages that the selected servant requires to deliver the calculated number of planks from the bank.

This calculator assumes that Steel nails are used.

Number of planks that a servant can carry per trip:
Rick: 6 planks
Maid: 10 planks
Cook: 16 planks
Butler: 20 planks
Demon butler: 26 planks

Respective cost per plank retrieved:
Rick: 10.42 gp
Maid: 12.5 gp
Cook: 23.44 gp
Butler: 31.25 gp
Demon butler: 48.08 gp

Carpenter's outfit provides a 2.5% xp boost to Construction activities in the calculator.

Prices of Construction materials used in this calculator are updated on a daily basis.