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Mage Training Arena Calculator

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Calculator information:

This calculator assumes the player is playing at normal/regular efficiency.

Approximate magic xp per hour:
Alchemist Room: ~ 115k xp per hour
Graveyard Room: ~ 11k-15k xp per hour
Telekinetic Room: ~ 27k xp per hour
Enchanting Room: ~ 60k-85k+ xp per hour

Approximate pizzaz points per hour:
Alchemist Room: ~ 260-280 pts per hour
Graveyard Room: ~ 270-350 pts per hour
Telekinetic Room: ~ 170-180 pts per hour
Enchanting Room: ~ 6,000 - 8,500+ pts per hour

B2B+B2P graveyard method is used if the player has already unlocked Bones to Peaches. In this method, the user regularly casts Bones to Bananas and only casts Bones to Peaches to regain health.

Total cost of runes (shop price) assumes that the player is purchasing 250 runes per shop/world.

Xp rates, time taken, and gp per hour may vary depending on efficiency of the methods used.

Note: after a previous update, it is no longer efficient to hop worlds and collect/enchant dragonstones. It is now better to enchant rocks directly from the rock piles. This calculator also assumes the player is enchanting rocks from the piles.

Prices of runes and Mage Training Arena rewards used in this calculator are updated on a daily basis.