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Tithe Farm Calculator

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Calculator information:

This calculator assumes a player uses the Humidify spell during the game.

This calculator assumes a player does NOT use Gricoller's fertiliser.

This calculator assumes that no seed dies during the game.

Farming level required to plant respective seed:
Golovanova: 34 Farming
Bologano: 54 Farming
Logavano: 74 Farming

Time per round (100 harvests):
Regular: ~ 21 minutes
Tick-perfect: ~ 19 minutes and 30 seconds
25x4: ~ 16 minutes and 40 seconds

Points per hour:
Regular: ~ 76 points per hour
Tick-perfect: ~ 80 points per hour
25x4: ~ 95 points per hour

Tithe farm data used in this calculator is sourced from the wiki.

For detailed information on the Tithe farm strategies used in this calculator, please refer to the Tithe Farm/Strategies page on the Wiki.