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Sorceress's Garden Calculator

Get Sq'irkin' at World 523
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Calculator information:

This calculator assumes you are using the Sorceress's Garden mass squirk method (World 523), while constantly running and not getting caught by the Elementals.

This calculator assumes an efficiency of 106 Squirk fruit collected per hour for a total of about 160,000 Thieving experience per hour.

The Sorceress's Garden XP rates (i.e. 160,000 XP/hour) used in this calculator are only attainable if you do not get caught by the Elementals often.

Each Squirk tree harvest provides 60 Farming xp.

Thieving pet chance data for Sorceress's Garden is sourced from the Wiki. This is used to calculate a cumulative percentage chance of receiving the Thieving pet.

The unofficial OSRS Squirk world (mass) is 523.