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Zalcano Calculator

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Calculator information:

Zalcano gp per hour calculation provided does not include cost of supplies as that may vary for each player.

Zalcano pet chance is 1/2250 per kill for the player, this is used to calculate a cumulative chance based on the input number of kills.

Banked smithing xp for ores includes smelting the ores (using the Blast Furnace) and smithing the resulting bars.

Banked smithing xp for gold ores assumes the player uses goldsmith gauntlets.

Banked smithing xp per bar:
Steel bar: 37.5 xp
Mith bar: 50 xp
Addy bar: 62.5 xp
Rune bar: 75 xp

Banked smithing xp per ore (smelt+smith):
Silver ore: 13.7 xp
Gold ore: 56.2 xp
Mith ore: 80 xp
Addy ore: 100 xp
Rune ore: 125 xp

Zalcano loot prices used in this calculator are updated on a daily basis.