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Master Farmer Pickpocketing Calculator

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Calculator information:

Seeds drop rate information is taken from the Wiki and other crowdsourced data.

As of March 2021, chances of receiving ranarr, snapdragon and torstol seeds scale between 71 to 85 Farming. Chances are much lower below 71 Farming.

Hard Ardougne Diary option only applies at level 72+ Thieving. For example, if you calculate from 68 to 80 Thieving with the Hard Ardy Diary option selected, this calculator will calculate 68-72 Thieving without the diary boost and 72-80 Thieving with the diary boost.

Gp per hour calculations assume all seeds are sold at GE guide price.

This calculator assumes a max efficiency of 3000 pickpockets per hour at 94+ Thieving with Ardougne diary boost.

Thieving xp rates in this calculator aim to be in line with suggested Master Farmer xp rates on the Wiki.

Ranarrs per hour added for the irons.

Seed prices used in this calculator are updated on a daily basis.