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Blast Furnace Calculator

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Calculator information:

This calculator assumes you are on a Blast Furnace theme world and are using a coal bag and ice gloves.

Gold Bar calculations for Blast Furnace assume you are using Goldsmith's gloves.

This calculator assumes you are spending 72,000 gp per hour on coffers and consuming 36 stamina doses (i.e. 9 full stamina potions) per hour

Blast furnace profit calculations take into account cost of ore, stamina potions, and coffers.

This calculator does not take into account extra coffer costs below level 60 Smithing.

Blast Furnace xp rates start from 18,000 xp per hour for Bronze bars and go up to 370,000 for Gold bars with Goldsmith's gloves.

Blast Furnace xp per hour and bars per hour figures used in this calculator aim to be in line with suggested rates from the Wiki.