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Guardians of the Rift Calculator

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Calculator information:

Loot shown in this calculator does not include runes crafted within the game itself.

This calculator assumes you are playing at normal/regular efficiency.

GotR gp per hour shown in this calculator only includes gp value from rewards and does not include the value of items found within intricate pouches or runes crafted within the game.

GotR xp rates used in this calculator aim to be in line with suggested xp rates on the Wiki.

Drop rates of GotR rewards used in this calculator are sourced from the Wiki.

This calculator is better suited for calculations on GotR mass worlds.

Abyssal protector pet chance is 1/4000 per reward search; this is used to calculate a cumulative percentage chance based on the total number of reward searches.

Prices of GotR rewards used in this calculator are updated on a daily basis.