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Hespori Calculator

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Calculator information:

How to use:

1. Enter the number of Hespori you would like to calculate data for

2. Click "Generate Data" to generate calculated data based on the entered number of Hespori


Press the "Generate Data" button a few times to get a better idea of the range of average Hespori loot.

Farmer's outfit 2.5% xp boost gives 315 extra farming xp per Hespori kill (without Farmer's outfit: 12,600 xp per kill, with Farmer's outfit: 12,915 xp per kill). The xp boost is also applied to banked farming xp.

Banked farming xp is calculated for the following seeds: willow, maple, yew, magic, celastrus, pineapple, papaya tree, palm tree, dragonfruit tree, teak, mahogany, spirit, redwood tree, attas, iasor, kronos.

Banked farming xp is NOT calculated for the following seeds: watermelon, snape grass, white lily, limpwurt, wildblood, whiteberry, poison ivy, irit, avantoe, kwuarm, toadflax, cadantine, lantadyme, dwarf weed, ranarr, snapdragon, torstol, cactus, potato cactus.

Time taken is calculated from the information that each Hespori takes 22-32 hours to grow and a bit of extra buffer time is added since it is assumed the player will probably not harvest the hespori as soon as it is fully-grown.

Tangleroot pet chance ranges between 1/4525 to 1/5375 per Hespori kill; this is used to calculate an average percentage chance based on the inputted number of kills.