Tombs of Amascut Paths Guide

The most accessible PvE experience in OSRS is here, and there are plenty of strategies you can learn and implement to take down the four paths bosses.

Tombs of Amascut or Raids 3 is a fantastic piece of content in OSRS, released in August 2022. You can earn a lot of OSRS GP and other untradeable prizes if you choose this challenge. However, because it's still a difficult raid, you might consume a lot of OSRS gold on consumables. You’ll have to spend some OSRS GP on excellent magic, melee, and ranged gear, and you might even have to spend up to 500k OSRS gold to reclaim your OSRS items if you fail the raid.

To complete the raid, you will need to defeat four bosses and then take down a final warden's room that can be even more challenging than the other bosses. Keep in mind that you'll be able to adjust the difficulty of the raid with invocations, and you'll also alter the potential for rewards in terms of the likelihood for drops of unique OSRS items by having a lower or higher total of raid level points. Some invocations affect the entire raid, and invocations that affect only specific bosses. Each room has a puzzle challenge and a combat challenge.

Path of Crondis

The puzzle in this room is pretty simple. You need to bring water and water the palm in the middle of the room to complete the challenge while dodging flying projectiles and red crocodiles, which can make you drop some of the water. You can use magic to freeze and kill the crocodiles. You don’t need to use the consumables you’ve bought for OSRS GP here.

After you grow the palm of resourcefulness, you will be able to face the boss, Zebak, who's also in the form of a crocodile. He attacks using all three attack styles, so you must pray protect against them accordingly. His melee attack inflicts a bleed dot that will cause more damage to you while you move than while you stand.

While his magic attack looks like a pot that splits into smaller red spheres, his ranged attack resembles a rock that disintegrates into smaller rocks in the air. Besides the basic attacks, Zebak will also use some special attacks on you. For one, he fills the room with all sorts of rubble, including some rocks, then roars, damaging anyone who is not hiding behind the rocks.

You will need to push jars to clean the area to ensure enough room for you to take cover behind the rocks when he screams. Another special attack Zebak will attack you with is the tidal waves. You will need to walk back and forth to avoid the waves, which can push and damage you.

Path of Scarabs

Here, if you're solo, you will need to complete only one puzzle, but if you're with other players, you will need to complete a series of puzzles. After completing the puzzle challenge, you can move on to the combat part and challenge Kephri, the boss that looks like an ancient species of scarabs. The untradeable Keris Partisan obtained from the Beneath Cursed Sands quests will be your best friend. Remember that if you got any jewels from the raid, you could add them to your Keris Partisan, and the breaching one will give you extra accuracy making the fight easy.

The Keris Partisan will deal extra damage against the scarab boss regardless of the jewel. She will throw fireballs at you, which you should dodge or pray protect from magic. She will also unleash a scarab swarm on you and your friends.

She has two special attacks: dung strike and mass incubation. For the dung strike, try to have her shoot the dung in the same place, and all the other players move from the one getting targeted. You won't be able to walk through the dung once it's down.

For the mass incubation attack, she will spawn eggs that will explode in three areas, and the best strategy is to ignore them. Once her shield is depleted, she will summon scarabs that will give her various benefits, including recovering her shield. The priority is killing the arcane scarabs as they will deal much damage.

Path of Het

For this puzzle, you will need to position the movable mirrors so that the light beam goes from one statue to the other. Then you will be able to progress and face Akkha. Akkha will always pray against two attack styles, so you must adapt your gear accordingly.

He is one of the most rhythmical bosses in Tombs of Amascut, and he will unleash a special attack every seven basic attacks and switch his prayers and combat style. The order is always melee, ranged, and magic.

He is one of the hardest and more challenging bosses. His complexity derives from the fact that his special attacks will change based on which quadrant of the room he is in. And when you think you finally got him down, he will come back to 20 percent hp for his final stand. You should use either protect from magic or redemption and finish him off.

Path of Apmeken

Here you need to survive 11 waves of baboons, similar to the fight caves. If you're solo or the first to enter the room, you will be given Apmeken's sight, which will help you see things your teammates won't. This is a boss that challenges your teamwork and communication skills.

You will need to clean corruption, repair roof supports, and clean vents with the hammers and neutralizing potions you can find in the room. After you take on the challenge, you can face Ba-Ba, the baboon boss. The baboon matriarch only uses melee, but she has a more significant number of special attacks that you'll need to dodge or otherwise survive, including a rolling stone attack that she will unleash once she reaches 66 and 33 percent health. You will need precise timing and good communication to take down this boss.

Final Tips

And now that you faced all the four path bosses, you will be able to access the final boss room, the warden's room. Preserving consumables is crucial for a successful run, even though you will receive mid-raid supplies unless you pick the invocation that cancels that. Not only that, if you finish these bosses more efficiently, you will waste less OSRS gold on consumables, but you will also have a better chance of taking down the last room, which is the most challenging room. After completing the raid, you have a chance to receive a tradeable unique OSRS item based on your invocation level, which can sum up quite a lot of OSRS gold. However, if you fail the raid many times, you might receive fossilized dung.