Happy Hespori

Hespori is a farming-related boss with a combat level of 284, grown from planting a hespori seed in the Farming Guild’s hespori patch with level 65 farming. The hespori takes up to 32 hours to grow before a player can proceed to fight it. Each Hespori kill grants 12,600 farming xp.

My main goal for the Hespori month was to obtain the bottomless compost bucket drop.

I completed around 20 hespori kills for the month. The hespori seeds were mainly received by completing farming contracts within the Farming Guild.

The gear I used for the most part was initiate body and legs, neitiznot helm, dragon scimitar and dragon defender. I experimented with different amulet, cape and boot options based on prayer and strength bonus. Since I used protect from magic throughout the kills, having a high prayer bonus was a necessity.

Each kill took between 2 to 3 minutes, with my fastest kill being around the 1:30 mark.

Each hespori kill is worth around 35k to 40k on average, however I averaged slightly under that – partly due to not receiving a bottomless compost bucket drop (which has a 1/35 drop rate based on the wiki).

Here are some images from the hunt:

As you can see, my luck with the seed drops was not great either.

I was not able to get a complete loot tab since I used a lot of seeds to train Farming along the way

Anyways, hoping to get that bottomless bucket soon!