From Bronze to Dragon | Defender Hunt

The dragon defender is one of the most prized shield-slot items in OSRS. Holding a +6 strength bonus with +25, +24 and +23 bonus to stab, slash and crush respectively, the dragon defender massively increases a player’s damage per second.

Defenders are dropped by cyclopes in the Warriors’ Guild in Burthorpe. Each defender up to Rune has a drop rate of 1/50 whereas the dragon defender has a drop rate of 1/100 from the stronger level 106 Cyclopes. Therefore, it is expected to achieve a dragon defender in around 450 total cyclops kills.

Fortunately for me, the so-called Ironman Luck came through and I went from Bronze to Dragon in just 268 kills.

I used the Runelite client to track my drops. Here is my total loot from 268 Cyclops kills:

As you can see, a lot of alchables for decent gp gains, a clue scroll as a bonus, as well as a bunch of black knives for Ranged training some time in the future.