Crazy for the Cross

The Crazy Archaeologist is a demi-boss located in the Wilderness, frequently hunted by Ironman accounts for the popular rune crossbow, as well as the Odium shard and Malediction shard drops. It has a combat level of 204 and a max hit of 24.

Before starting the rune crossbow hunt, I was a bit apprehensive, as is anyone before killing a boss for the first time. However, it didn't take long to get comfortable with the mechanics and the kills went smoothly without interruption from PKers.

I went in with the following set-up - balancing prayer and magic bonus, as well as being low-risk:

Farseer helm, Monk robe top and bottom, Mystic boots and gloves, Ardy cape, Mage ammy, Iban's staff and Damaged Book, Ring of wealth for tele.

Each kill took 1-2 minutes and the only major costly input was prayer potions.

According to the wiki, the drop rate for the rune crossbow is 1/25.6 - I was hoping to be luckier, and finally on kill number 20... I obtained the prized rune crossbow. Unfortunately, I did not receive any shard drops (not that I was expecting to either!).

Here is the Total Loot from 20 Crazy Archaeologist kills:

This averages out to 6k to 7k per kill, without any shard drops.

Overall, based on the kill speeds, it can be decent money - especially with a shard drop - as well as a bit more fun and a change from the regular RS grind.